Unhinged Teacher Bashing Christianity

18 12 2007

Filed under: San Juan Capistrano, First Amendment, Christianity, Humanism

It’s been a while since I’ve posted on a wacko teacher that somehow thinks bashing Christianity is part of his job description. Alas, we have another one being sued. This time, San Juan Capistrano high school teacher, James Corbett, who teaches Advanced Placement European history at Capistrano Valley High School, has managed to surreptitiously incorporate hostility towards Christianity and the ostracizing of students as part of the “curriculum.”

The lawsuit contends, among other things, that Corbett told students during class that “when you put on your Jesus glasses, you can’t see the truth”; said that religion is not “connected with morality”; compared Christians to “Muslim fundamentalists” who want women to “stay pregnant, barefoot, and in the kitchen and have babies until your body collapses”; and suggested that churchgoers are more likely to commit rape and murder.

Corbett did not return a call for comment. Capistrano Valley High School Principal Tom Ressler described Corbett as a “solid” teacher who has been with the Capistrano Unified School District for more than 15 years. Ressler said Corbett’s class was popular among Advanced Placement students and has a high pass rate.

The lawsuit, filed in federal district court in Santa Ana by Chad Farnan, 16, and his parents, Bill and Teresa by Advocates for Faith and Freedom, will not seek damages if Corbett is removed.

Chad Farnan recorded Corbett for two months with a tape recorder in plain sight and gathered enough moonbat blackballing of Christians to warrant a lawsuit. For any principal to be aware of this and call a teacher, “solid” is a clear indicator that he is just as unhinged as his prof is and he’ll probably defend his ludicrous actions.

I wonder what the NEA would say about a situation such as this.

“…if the study of the Bible is to be excluded from all State schools, if the inculation of the principles of Christianity is to have no place in the daily programme, if the worship of God is to form no part of the general exercises of these public elementary schools, then the good of the State would be better served by restoring all schools to church control.”

Oh yeah, I forgot, that was in the year 1892.

Remember: Jay Bennish, Steve White, and Heather Kramer: mentors for Corbett.




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