Huckabee Receives Pounding for Civility

31 12 2007

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The Anti-Huck’s are getting desperate. Fred’s momentum has not gotten any higher than the Jay Leno night, which is unfortunate, and with Huckabee not doing any worse than within the percentage points of first place despite much of the unfair criticism, he is now receiving a pounding for every petty decision he makes on the campaign trail.

Mike Huckabee is holding a press conference in which he was supposed to unveil a new negative ad against arch rival Mitt Romney. But Mr. Huckabee came to the press conference and announced he’d had a change of heart and would not be broadcasting the ad after all.

But wait! It gets better.

He then broadcast it for a room crammed with reporters, photographers and television cameras. The assembled media found the display hilarious and at several points laughed out loud.

Huck’s moves may not all be perfect, but all I know is what I see. Thompson, Romney and McCain can’t be doing everything perfect either. I simply don’t buy it. Nor are they perfect on every issue either. But by the amount of criticism leveled at Huckabee compared with that of other candidates, an undecided voter is led to believe Huckabee is worse than Hillary, while any other Republican candidate is perfect. I would probably support any of these candidates were they the nominee, but based on some of these comments, I’m not so sure some conservatives would return the favor for Huckabee. I’m not about to go hunting for dirt on Thompson, Romney and McCain in order to make Huckabee appear stronger. This angle only provides the Democrat nominee with a free arsenal to launch from once the primaries are over.

Unfortunately, much of the bias against Huckabee is off base. As proof, I offer you the following quiz from Joe Carter that shows the type of criticism of Huckabee that is either omitted or spun for other candidates.

Think you know the GOP Presidential candidates? Bloggers (and blog readers) tend to follow politics more closely than the average voter, so they should be able to ace this simple quiz. See how many of these questions you can correctly answer:

1. Which candidate has the worst record for raising taxes while in office?

2. Which candidate opposed the Bush Tax Cuts in 2001 and 2003?

3. Which three candidates support embryo-destructive research?

4. Which candidate was the first to suggest that we might need to send troops into Pakistan?

5. Which candidate has said he would meet with Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad?

6. Which candidate has said that he is open to a federal increase in gas taxes?

7. Which two candidates said they would potentially use tactical nuclear weapons to prevent Iran from gaining a nuclear weapon?

8. Which candidate criticized excessive CEO compensation by saying, “In some cases I think they pay compensation packages that are excessive and unnecessary. That’s shame on the board and the owners.”?

9. Which candidate once said he “will not support a specific proposal unless it taxes investment income” and ran newspaper ads denouncing the flat tax as a “tax cut for fat cats”?

10. Which candidate criticized the Bush Administration in Foreign Affairs by saying, “The recent years of mismanagement and failure in Iraq demonstrate that America should go to war only with sufficient troop levels and with a realistic and comprehensive plan for success. We did not do so in Iraq, and our country and the people of Iraq have paid a dear price….We cannot get those years back, and now the only responsible action for any presidential candidate is to look forward and outline the strategic posture in Iraq that is most likely to protect U.S. national interests.”

11. Which candidate has said that he will make America energy and oil independent in five years?

12. Which two candidates support the ban on “assault weapons”?

1. Mitt Romney (According to the Massachusetts Taxpayers Foundation Romney raised fees and taxes roughly $740 million to $750 million per year – an increase of roughly 2.8 billion during his tenure.)
2. John McCain
3. Romney, Giuliani, McCain
4. Giuliani
5. Giuliani
6. Romney
7. Romney and Giuliani
8. Romney
9. Romney
10. McCain
11. McCain
12. Giuliani and Romney

Those who think Huckabee is playing politics or “holier than thou” by pulling his negative ad are sadly misled. Earlier this evening, Huck’s campaign sent an email out explaining his position:

Back in October when I stood in Washington, DC before the Values Voter Summit delivering a speech to the attendees I reminded them that “we stand for some things, we believe in some things…”

I was an event blogger at that Values Voter Summit and even attended a post-speech gathering for media and was truly impressed with Huckabee’s honesty and integrity based on his speech when he was a second-tier candidate and hovering around fifth place, very much in single digit percentage points. He is the same candidate now that he was when was not on the radar. It’s unfair to sabotage him now, simply because he is leading. As I’ve said before, he is leading largely due to unified support from the religious right that had not backed any candidate prior to the Values Voter Summit. Huckabee’s landslide victory in the on-site straw poll at the Summit was a clear indication of which candidate evangelicals preferred after hearing speeches from every Republican contender.

Huckabee is not perfect in every issue. Then again, no one is. I simply challenge my blogger colleagues to focus less on attacks and more on positive build-up of their preferred candidate. That’s the Huckabee way. Chances are, I’ll probably agree with and support that candidate if they win. I just hate to see them win by dragging down a fellow human and conservative. Worse yet, I’d hate to see them try and smoothly flip flop shift gears and try to support him against Hillary if he does win. What does that say about their credibility after all the flak they’ve given liberals, even if justifiably so, for the same thing? How will they handle it if Huck were to win?




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