More than Evangelicals for Huckabee

6 01 2008

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My friend, Soren Dayton, whom I finally got to meet in person at last year’s Values Voter Summit, attended a townhall meeting in Windham, NH, earlier this afternoon where he met Orthodox Jewish State Rep., Jason Bedrick, a big Huck supporter in NH.

He also said that Huckabee could bring Reagan Democrats back to the party. Reagan did it by using cultural values and economic populism to cut into traditionally Democratic ethnic voting blocs … like culturally conservative northeastern Jews. Could Huckabee?

If this energy is indicative, Rudy Giuliani could be in trouble. One reporter described his events to me as “intimate.”

Remember what Bryan at Hot Air said about the way Huckabee uses his preaching experience to relate to his audience on the campaign trail:

It’s a style in which the speaker makes a point that applies to everyone in the room and then breaks the point down so that he can address it with a sentence or phrase to distinct groups of people in the room. It’s strikingly effective, because at the same time it makes a point that applies to everyone generally, uniting them and getting them to pay attention to the sermon, and then hits them individually to speak to them directly in whatever circumstance they find themselves.

Everyone gets the impression they just left Mike Huckabee’s living room after a personal conversation with him. They feel personally touched. Which is the message of Huckabee’s campaign – he understands people will vote for a candidate that is more like a co-worker than one that is like a boss that just fired you. This is the message that is gaining lift-off in states around the country.

Also, of note from Soren’s post, Romney had a townhall just prior to Huckabee’s and had 400 people. Huckabee’s had over 600. In New Hampshire. Where Huckabee has no base of voters.




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