Christian Leaders Apologize to Muslims

14 01 2008

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A group of largely liberal Christians from the National Association of Evangelicals (NAE) has endangered the lives of Christians all over the world by signing a document that pledges “common cause” with Islam, apologizes for “sins of Christians,” and leaves the deity of Christ open for discussion.”

Some prominent evangelical leaders are criticizing the heads of the National Association of Evangelicals for signing a letter to Muslim leaders containing controversial language.

The critical leaders include Dr. Albert Mohler, Gary Bauer, and Dr. Patrick Sookhdeo who voiced opposition to the apology in the letter for the sins of Christians during the Crusades and for “excesses” of the global war on terror, without mentioning Muslim acts of violence.

Moreover, the leaders contend the letter compromises the importance of Jesus in Christianity in order to appease Muslims.

Mohler noted that the letter “sends the wrong signal” and contains basic theological problems especially in “marginalizing” Jesus Christ, according to Focus on the Family’s Citizenlink. He also rejected the apology for the Crusades.

“I just have to wonder how intellectually honest this is,” he said. “Are these people suggesting that they wish the military conflict with Islam had ended differently – that Islam had conquered Europe?” asked the president of The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary.

The NAE has a history of getting involved in issues it has no experience in. They jumped on board an initiative last year that joined hands with global warming fanatics and declared that Christians, by being “conservative,” weren’t being biblical stewards of God’s earth. Such a stance is, of course, absurd, but since when do liberal Christians line up with the bible anyway?

But back to equating Islam to Christianity. I’m wondering just how credible this NAE group is. The name of the Muslim bulletin, “A Common Word between Us and You,” is from a verse in the Quran that condemns “people of the Scripture” (that would be Christians) for alleged polytheism (the doctrine of the Trinity). How about this: EINO’s – Evangelicals In Name Only.




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