AU Protests Value Voter Guide

1 02 2008

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In the midst of all the anguish and frustration of this election, Americans United for Abolishment of Religion has managed to provide some timely and comical humor. The “Reverend” Barry Lynn is asserting that this voter guide “intentionally promotes” the candidacy of Mike Huckabee. AU has asked the IRS to investigate WallBuilders and AFA, the guide’s publishers on these grounds.

The guides, posted on the groups’ Web sites, list the Republican candidates and their alleged stands on a range of issues, such as support for a human life amendment, “traditional marriage,” “business freedom” and “moral education” and opposition to “gay pride.” Only Huckabee is assigned a “yes” stance on all of the issues.

A few things to point out here:

  1. “…candidates…” Yes that is the plural…as in more than one. They’ve included all the candidates running at the time of publishing for BOTH parties. Funny, but could be easily overlooked by any ranting liberal.
  2. “…alleged stands…” There are little numbers under each answer for each candidate. These are known as sources. You do acknowledge this but dismiss it as their own “subjective analysis.” As if you don’t do this very same thing. This very protest is a perfect example. This is laughable. My sides ache.
  3. “Only Huckabee is assigned a ‘yes’…” Again, this result is in direct correlation to his actual answers. I can hardly take it anymore. My jaw hurts.

In Mr. Lynn’s formal letter (pdf), he cites the Tax Guide for Churches and Religious Organizations:

…Guides must provide a “neutral, unbiased and complete compilation of all candidates’ positions” and “may not be used to attempt to favor or oppose candidates for public elected office.”

For WallBuilders to be guilty of Mr. Lynn’s complaints, their voter guide would have to look like this:


Now, that is a biased favoring of a candidate. Apparently, this Mr. Lynn’s sick and distorted version of the truth.

Lynn concludes with the gratuitous threatening of churches and religious organizations:

I am particularly outraged that these voter guides indicate that they are suitable for use in churches and other tax-exempt organizations. In fact, they are not. Any church that distributes these biased guides is risking its tax exemption and casting aside its integrity.

The voter guides were most certainly reviewed by constitutional attorneys, not a religion-hating bigot. One would think the mere thought of a candidate would constitute a violation of the First Amendment by these religious groups.

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