Huckabee Sweeps South

6 02 2008

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Well, I called it. Huckabee won 4 of 5. Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, and Tennessee. And picked up West Virginia too. So, make it 5 of 6. And NO ONE saw it coming.

The blogosphere keeps guessing at Huckabee’s success. He’s supposed to be a liberal, right?

I see down in comments and elsewhere, there’s shock at Huckabee’s strong showing across the South. He’s doing it without money, and the question is how? This is the same question that popped up after Huckabee won Iowa, and I think I have the answer to it. First, he has the mega and medium church network I’ve mentioned before. We’ve all underestimated the power of that network, which doesn’t cost a dime to tap into. It’s all word of mouth from one church or parachurch group to another. Second, his phone banks are all virtual. Shortly before the Florida primary there were reports that he had pulled his people out of that state. That was true to some extent, but it didn’t matter, because the Huckabee campaign relies for much of its non-robo phone work on volunteers who dial in from their own home, wherever they happen to be located, and make calls that are targeted to whichever states the campaign feels like it needs to hit.

Churches and phone banks. That’s what we’re going with? Right. Because it certainly couldn’t be because he’s a true conservative. The entire south, the most conservative of conservatives, were duped into voting for a RINO?

Jay at Stop The ACLU is still pondering a second look at Huckabee. And thinks the prospects of a deadlocked convention are getting better by the hour.

Huckabee will still slightly trail Romney in delegates count after Super Tuesday but spending less than $10 million. Contrast that with Romney who has spent close to $70 million. While Huckabee’s chance of victory for the nomination is slim, based on the upcoming state, he is closer than Romney. RedState agrees:

Huckabee’s path to victory, while still very unlikely, is now much more realistic than Romney’s. KS, VA, TX, MS, NC, KY…all of these are states where Huckabee can have a far more realistic foothold than Romney.

Michelle Malkin thinks Huckabee is positioning for Veep.

I’ll repeat what I said Monday on the real reason Huckabee had such success last night:

I, like most social conservatives, vote on values. I’ll vote for the strongest nominee representing my values, regardless of his electability or “prevent-factor.” Huckabee is the strongest social conservative in the race. He certainly isn’t perfect on defense or economics, but he has enough of those two to have the support of most social conservative voters.

No candidate is perfect in defense, economics, and social. But Huckabee is conservative enough in all three to attract the votes of conservatives in the south. Hannity and other conservative pundits were calling for Huckabee to get out of the race after Florida claiming “a vote for Huckabee is a vote for McCain.” Now, it should be strikingly apparent to any voter that “a vote for Romney is also a vote for McCain.” It simply depends on which state you are discussing. Therefore, there is no justification to call for Huckabee to drop out and not Romney. Of course, I’ve already covered that too, but again, the Establishment is too blind to see it. But more importantly, it’s becoming increasingly evident that Huckabee is far more conservative than McCain and even Romney.




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