Huckabee Withdraws

5 03 2008

Filed under: Election, 2008, Politics, Huckabee

Today, Gov. Mike Huckabee did what many felt he should have done a long time ago, and withdrew from the presidential race. In an email to supporters, he shared his thoughts on the race:

We had held out hope that we would win enough delegates to keep the contest going, but had vowed that if Senator McCain actually got the 1191 delegates, we would accept the will of the voters. In the end, the relentless hammering of the media that we “couldn’t win” influenced enough voters and while we campaigned long and hard in the final states, it simply wasn’t enough. I congratulate Senator McCain and will do what I can to assist him and influence him to take strong stands for issues that we conservatives cherish.

Gov. Huckabee is well-positioned for a run in 2012, now that he has solidified himself as a top-tier candidate this go-around. What he accomplished on the little resources he had is truly remarkable, whether you liked him or not.




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