Inside the Mind of a Democrat

10 03 2008

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UPDATED – 9:00 am with reader comments. Scroll for updates…

When taking a macro look at the major issues facing our nation, the Democrat party opposes the Republican party in these areas. Of course there are a few exceptions, but they certainly don’t translate into a pattern – they are merely rare and random deviations. Let’s take a cursory look at the following issues and see how most Democrats, and certainly nearly all liberals, twist each issue from a moral to a political or vice versa depending on which best suits their political agenda.

  1. Abortion – Moral turned political. The right to kill a baby in the name of a “womans right to choose” easily illustrates this point. The womans right to choose her own life over the child’s life clearly communicates that the child’s life is inferior to that of the mother. This Darwinian thought is rooted in the same belief that led to slavery and the Holocaust, neither of which the bible condones. 
  2. Traditional Marriage – Moral turned political. For centuries, the marriage of one man and one woman has been a cornerstone to societies around the globe. As illustrated by the once great city of Rome, as tolerance for increased sexual promiscuity and homosexuality increases, the society decreases. Not to mention God’s plan for marriage is clearly outlined in Matthew 19:4-6.
  3. Embryonic Stem Cells – Moral turned political. Similar to abortion. Creating an inferior life with the intent to destroy it. Not to mention the fact that ESCR has no successes contrasted with Adult Stem Cell Research which has numerous successes already on a fraction of the funding that ESCR has had.

  4. Education – Moral turned political. The education of children used to be biblically centralized and fell on the responsibility of the parents, primarily, and the community second. Morality and religion were not only common, but fundamental to learning. The Blue Back Speller used to be the second best-selling book in America (second only to the bible, of course). Schools are now a incubators for humanism, atheism, evolution, tolerance, and anti-religion.
  5. Taxes – Political turned moral. Taxes should be collected and used for basic government function. The extreme abuse that the Democrat party has inflicted with this single issue is enough to cause the Founders to turn over in their graves. Government’s primary responsibility is protection and security. As our nation grows and changes, the need for some new government programs to monitor become necessary, but the Democrat party has indulged in a gluttonous assemblage of government-funded entitlement programs in exchange for votes.
  6. War – Political turned moral. War is never the preferred option, but must be utilized forcefully when enemies do not respond to diplomatic efforts or commit an act of war against the United States. Peace can only exist when a nation is willing to and capable of going to war to defend her nation if attacked. Democrats have exploited liberals’ cries for peace since the Vietnam War.
  7. Immigration – Political turned moral. America is a nation of immigrants. And we’ve lived an unparalleled 200+ years under the same document which contain laws to protect our citizens. Those laws contain provisions for new immigrants. It is not unreasonable to expect foreigner desiring to immigrate to America to get in line and do it legally. Every other country does the same thing, so can we. Liberals have distorted this issue by placing a guilt trip on Americans that believe we might actually need to turn some away. Some Christians have even been deceived by this clever, but very liberal dogma, and begun to chant the notion that Christians should maintain an open-borders stance out of a moral obligation. Understanding the fact that immigration is a political issue turned moral by liberal Democrats is pivotal in taking the biblical response to immigration. That is, this issue falls under safety and protection, consequently, laws should be followed, as long as said laws do not contradict the bible, which of course they don’t.
  8. Energy – Political turned moral. Trees are valued more than the lives of babies. Pathetic.
  9. Health Care – Political turned moral. Health care is a privilege, not a right. I can rightfully say that since I’ve personally experienced it. Some years ago, I suffered a random injury and at the time was without health coverage for various reasons. My injury required surgery and I was stuck with the bills…just short of $10,000 worth. I made too much (working part time AND going to school full time) to qualify for aid, and my family did not have the cash to front me. So I made payments for the next four or five years and paid for my services. The notion that health care is a right for all Americans is a mendacious falsehood bred by power-hungry liberals seeking yet another issue to enslave poor Americans that will exchange a bit of freedom for perceived security by voting for Democrats promising free, universal health care. Of course, there are those who truly cannot afford healthcare and they should be able to access good care on a temporary basis. But our system is highly abused by liberals looking to increase their power.

A few things to remember:

Every time the government does something for you, it first must take something.

The more government grows by promises of security (not national), the less freedom we have.

UPDATED – 9:00 am: Reader RegularRon makes a valid argument concerning abortion:

As I do agree with you on Abortion and Stem cells, I see it as a political money maker for both sides. I use to give money to the National Right to Life folks, until I saw what was really happening. If Abortion were to ever be banned, OR returned to the States (which I agree with) the National Right to Life folks wouldn’t have a job. And the Republican party, needs that money to line it’s p

Good point, RegularRon. I recognize that there are organizations in existence that would be out of work if these issues were resolved. First, I don’t think they would simply retire. It could also be argued then, that, should all of these issues be corrected, groups like Focus on the Family, Family Research Council, etc, would also be out of a job. Some might just downsize a bit or re-focus their efforts on the issue at the state level. There would be plenty of work to do. But I don’t that’s realistic to expect this side of heaven. I prefer to cross that bridge if/when we get there. Second, and more importantly, those types of scenarios are far outweighed by the growth of government programs by liberals to maintain a stranglehold on their power.




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