Moonbat Teacher of the Month

3 04 2008

Filed under: First Amendment, Church and State, Religious liberties, Schools, Humanism, Liberalism, Christianity, Politics

With the trance the Pied Piper of Politics has this country in with his masterful flute-playing, stuff like this almost slips through the cracks. Tolerance in schools draws the line at religious beliefs. A high school student in Wisconsin has filed a federal lawsuit against his art teacher for censoring his drawing because it included a cross and scriptural reference.

According to the lawsuit, the student’s art teacher asked his class in February to draw landscapes. The student, a senior identified in the lawsuit by the initials A.P., added a cross and the words “John 3:16 A sign of love” in his drawing.

His teacher, Julie Millin, asked him to remove the reference to the Bible, saying students were making remarks about it. He refused, and she gave him a zero on the project.

Another way of saying it is students are expected to check their First Amendment rights at the school door. The teacher, Ms. Millin, required all students to sign a class policy that prohibited any violence, blood, sexual connotations or religious beliefs in their artwork to prevent offending a student.

Yet, the school allows other religious items and artwork to be displayed on campus. For example, a Buddha and Hindu figurines are displayed prominently in the social studies classroom. I suppose Ms. Millin has never heard of the First Amendment and even if she has, her breathingist understanding that she can create her own version is flawed.

I know what the liberals will say: “But, if the tables were turned, you’d be applauding the Christian teacher for forbidding non-Christian artwork in the class.” First, I don’t know of any Christian teacher trampling the First Amendment rights of their students in such a way. And secondly, this is not new that Christians are the target of such attacks. No one can attack other religions for fear you’ll be struck dead. But since Christians don’t respond with suicide bombs, that justifies such an offense.

Not only are Christians instructed to not kill when offended, we are called to love our enemy and pray for their salvation. In this particular case, it is unfortunate that the family had to file a lawsuit to keep their son from failing out of school. But since Millin violated the student’s First Amendment rights, thus breaking the law, the lawsuit is biblically justified.

And for good measure, let’s review the original intent of the First Amendment. Prohibit a national church denomination, prevent the government from forcing citizens to pay tithes, etc. Ms. Millin’s version is nothing more than pipe dream created by liberal judges that falsely believe the Constitution is a “living, breathing” document.




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