Faith Means Something

4 04 2008

Filed under: Christianity, Marriage, Divorce, Liberalism

If you are a married American, or considering it, cheer up. Looks like a new study on divorce demonstrates not as many people are divorcing as previously believed. And for Christians, it gets better. The Barna Group’s study went into unchartered polling territory to discover that the divorce percentages are even lower than the national average. Faith means something. Non-Christians and liberals? Not doing so good.

The study showed that the percentage of adults who have been married and divorced varies from segment to segment. For instance, the groups with the most prolific experience of marriage ending in divorce are downscale adults (39%), Baby Boomers (38%), those aligned with a non-Christian faith (38%), African-Americans (36%), and people who consider themselves to be liberal on social and political matters (37%).

Among the population segments with the lowest likelihood of having been divorced subsequent to marriage are Catholics (28%), evangelicals (26%), upscale adults (22%), Asians (20%) and those who deem themselves to be conservative on social and political matters (28%).

Glenn Stanton, director of global family formation studies at Focus on the Family, said this is good news.

Stanton said the study also dispels the common misperception that divorce rates within the church mirror those outside the church.

“That is true only if you look at just church affiliation,” he said. “But if you look at church activity — how people really live out their faith — then that absolutely is not true because people who take their faith very seriously and have action to back that up have a significantly lower divorce rate than the general public.”

Faith means something. Faith with action. This is why claims of faith from liberals like Obama and Hillary fall on deaf ears when these candidates try to con evangelicals into voting for them when they truthfully have no action to back up their contention. Attending church for twenty years is not action. Staying married to a liar is not even necessarily action. These are good things, but they are not evidence of faith. They could be initial indicators, but not evidence. Minimums, but nothing that would prove you are a person of strong Christian belief.

So have faith, you married folks! Especially Christians…way to go! And those contemplating marriage, don’t let the liberals throw you off course. Get your act together and become a conservative…that’s where the real fruit is. 🙂




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