Let Us Pray – But Don’t You Dare Bow Your Head

18 04 2008

Filed under: Church and state, First Amendment, Religion, Christianity, Schools, Prayer

The absurdities of liberals will never cease to amaze me. To their credit, they keep us on our toes, but I would much prefer they actually read a Constitution before wasting so much time and resources on harebrained lawsuits like this one:

East Brunswick High School football coach Marcus Borden, who said he is fighting for his peers nationwide, is expected to petition the U.S. Supreme Court for a review of Tuesday’s federal appeals court ruling that prohibits him from participating in team prayer.

Yes, fellow Americans, you read that last part correctly: Participating. Not only can a coach not lead prayer, he/she cannot participate in it either.

The U.S. 3rd Circuit Court of Appeals in Philadelphia unanimously reversed a July 2006 lower-court ruling that permitted Borden, through his lawsuit against the East Brunswick Board of Education, to silently bow his head or “take a knee” with players as a sign of secular respect for student-led team prayer.

The federal appeals court said such actions violate the First Amendment’s establishment clause, which prevents government or its agents from promoting or endorsing religion.

He makes a secular sign of respect and it is interpreted as establishment of religion? Ridiculous! But there’s more ludicrousness:

“Without Borden’s 23 years of organizing, participating in and leading prayer with his team, this conclusion would not be so clear as it presently is,” wrote Judge Michael D. Fischer, author of the lead opinion.

“We agree with Borden that bowing one’s head and taking a knee can be signs of respect. Thus, if a football coach, who had never engaged in prayer with his team, were to bow his head and take a knee while his team engaged in a moment of reflection or prayer, we would likely reach a different conclusion because the same history and context of endorsing religion would not be present.”

Oh, so now we want to talk about context, but we don’t even understand the intent of the First Amendment. So, how many head-bows exactly is a coach allowed before it becomes an establishment violation? This judge had Fruit Loops for breakfast. That’s what is controlling his mind. Think that’s confusing … here is what another “judge” had to say in the opinion:

Judge Marianne Trump Barry, who authored one of the two concurring opinions, called the case “difficult and close.” She said that Borden would “not be required to keep his head erect or turn his back or stand and walk away” when the team prays for such actions would suggest a “hostility to religion.”

Ok … so what are we talking about here? A half-bow with one eye partially closed? Oops, don’t blink Coach, you’re liable to be forcing Christianity on these poor, impressionable youth who apparently are mature enough to be given condoms, but they can’t pray while their coach bows his head in silence?

Foolish liberals. This case will be appealed and should be easily overturned if the court has half a brain.




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