Pennsylvanians Not Duped By Pied Piper

23 04 2008

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UPDATED – 11:00 pm: HuffPo agrees. Scroll for updates…

Seems Pennsylvanians have been paying attention over the last couple of months. Sixty days ago, Obama held a comfortable lead in delegate count, but after two huge gaffes by Obama, Hillary stormed back last night and won the state.

Hillary Clinton declared the “tide is turning” Tuesday after scoring a critical victory in the Pennsylvania Democratic primary, pushing the race ever forward to the nine remaining contests.

Clinton beat Barack Obama in the Keystone State primary with a big boost from her core constituencies. With 74 percent of precincts reporting, Clinton had 54 percent and Obama had 46 percent.

Obama’s loss was caused primarily by his close association with a separatist bigot and his elitist snubbing of millions of Americans, though he did close Hillary’s lead in the last two weeks, thanks to the liberal media largely ignoring his solecism.

The discussion tonight has revolved around Hillary’s options with a win. If she wins by single digits, drop out under pressure. If she wins in a blow-out, stay the course. Neither option is good for the Democrat party for three reasons.

One, if she stays in, an increasing number of Democrat voters will feel let down by the closely contested race that has divided Democrats. Plus, she’ll continue to push for Florida and Michigan’s delegates to go into her column, which voters are sick of hearing about.

Second, if she gets out, it will force Obama to the center of the stage and it will be tough for him to overcome separatism and elitism, which will conveniently find themselves moved from the back burner, where they have been sitting on cover-and-stir-occasionally, to the front. All it takes is a little heat. But the media, and many Democrat voters, seem to think Obama has “side-stepped” these issues. Just because the media ignores it, doesn’t mean it’s been handled.

Third, a curve ball Obama may be over-discounting is Hillary supporters that may not necessarily vote for him in the national election. Obama political reputation is rapidly developing in Hillary’s image – the more he opens his mouth, the more Americans are turned off to him. In many head-to-head polls, McCain is either tied with or leads Obama. Obama leads in a few polls, but this is April and we have yet to see any debates or ads exposing weaknesses.

3.5: The Super Delegates, forced into a deadlock, may have no option but to nominate a different candidate, namely Al Gore. Then again, if he was a viable candidate, he would have been in the race from the beginning.

UPDATED – 11:00 pm: Huffington Post writes about the top ten reasons Obama is behind McCain:

10. Current polls show Senator Clinton runs ahead of John McCain nationally or dead even — and Senator Obama runs only dead even. For example, in the most recent USA Today national general election poll, Senator Clinton leads Senator McCain by +6; Senator Obama leads by less than the margin of error, +2.

If the Super Delegates nominate Obama, they’ll be setting their party up or failure and they know it. If they nominate Hillary, at least they’ll appease their base by making them believe they have a chance to win. But a Hillary win will also touch off a [whisper] “civil war within the Democrat Party.” It’s already brewing and I figure less Obama supporters will come to Hillary than vice versa.




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