Democrats Plunder Their Own Nomination

2 05 2008

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The Super Delegates are getting nervous and growing increasingly afraid on a daily basis. They’re going to have to award the Democrat nomination to either Hillary Clinton or Barack or Obama. And in doing so, they’ll rob the other of a chance to be president. Obama leads in delegate count, but Hillary has won the key swing states.

Today, Rush Limbaugh put those fears to rest, discussing why Democrat leadership has no reason to fear losing the black vote if they take the nomination away from Obama and give it to Hillary:

President John Kennedy and his brother Robert Kennedy wiretapped Dr. King. Black voters stayed with Democrats. Democrats stood in the schoolhouse doors vowing, “Segregation forever!”

Democrats voted against landmark civil rights legislation; Republicans passed it. Blacks stayed with Democrats.

Bull Connor was a Democrat. Blacks stayed with Democrats.

Democrats created the welfare state, destroying millions of black families. Blacks stayed with Democrats.

Democrats bent over forward for the teachers unions, ruining public education for generations of black kids; leaving them unequipped to participate as equals in American society. Yet! Black voters stayed with Democrats.

Democrats urged the early release of criminals to further prey on law-abiding black citizens. Blacks stayed with Democrats.

Democrats threw blacks under the bus during the immigration debate.

After Rosa Parks finally moved to the front of the bus, Democrats threw blacks under it during the immigration debate because Hispanics are now the largest minority voting bloc. Blacks stayed with Democrats. Democrats have not supported blacks achieving power.

It’s not that anyone is implying blacks are not intelligent. They’ve just been lied to by Democrats and made to believe they have no choice. Rush explains:

For 50 years, black people in this country have been told by elected Democrats that Republicans and conservatives are racists, sexists, bigots, and homophobes; that they have no desire for them to become equal or progress economically — and then you couple that with ministers like Farrakhan and Jeremiah Wright reinforcing what other black leaders like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson do, and it all becomes very simple. They have been scared to death. Black voters have been told for 50 years that their lives will be ruined if they vote for Republicans, because Republicans don’t care about them. When you vote out of fear, it’s the same thing the Democrats have done with elderly people, our seasoned citizens and Social Security. It’s almost predictable that every election cycle, the Democrats will predict or tell old people that Republicans want to take back their Social Security.

It’s called Plantation Mentality. As he writes in the book by the same title, C. Mason Weaver says Democrats are the new “slave owners.” Black Democrat leaders are the “master slaves” and black Democrat voters are “slaves.” Plantation mentality is a system that discourages independence and character and encourages reliance on masters or appointed tribal chiefs in our community.

Democrat leaders have long understood that the more money people have control over, the less need they have for liberal government programs. Hence, we see 50 years of lies by Democrats to blacks and it has been most effective. One government program after another, blacks have historically been afraid to vote against the “master slave” and “slave owner.” Regardless of this year’s nominee, history is bound to repeat itself.




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