Warning to Americans: Learn From Canada

5 05 2008

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UPDATE – 6:00 pm: One success in court… Scroll for updates.

All Americans need to do is look north to learn what happens when liberalism runs amok. Universal healthcare is a colossal failure. And homosexuals continue to demand special rights that, were they to be installed in the United State, would far exceed the Constitutional bounds set forth by the Founders. A recent event transpired in Ontario where a Christian ministry was fined for firing a woman actively engaged in a same-sex relationship, despite having clearly laid the ground rules forbidding employment to anyone involved in any type of sexual immorality.

Christian Horizons is an evangelical ministry in Ontario that has cared for more than 1,400 people with developmental disabilities in 180 group homes. The group requires all employees to sign a contract agreeing to abstain from all sexual immorality, including homosexuality. When Christian Horizons fired a female employee who became involved with another woman, she complained to the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario, which fined the ministry $23,000 and two years back pay.

Jordan Lorence with the Alliance Defense Fund believes the homosexual agenda will continue to persecute the Christian agenda as it gains power. He labels the Canada situation “a very significant threat to religious liberty.”

In addition, contends the attorney, it is another example that “whether you’re in Europe or Canada or the United States, when the homosexual activists gain control with their legislation, they show an increasingly authoritarian core to beat down any Christian or traditional-type opposition to their same-sex relationships and conduct.”

The tribunal, according to Lorence, also ordered the ministry to stop using the “no immorality” contract and to make its managers undergo training to force acceptance of homosexuality. He warns what that portends for the United States.

Liberals are constantly putting forth the mantra of equality and tolerance. That is, unless it stands in the way of their agenda. And currently, the Constitution does just that, as well as a vast majority of Americans. To combat this, homosexual activists in the U.S. utilize their cohorts in the school systems to teach acceptance of any sexual preference from kindergarten age. They also teach that homosexuals do not choose their sexual orientation despite no scientific evidence showing a “homosexual gene.” Additionally, efforts from Christian groups that are well within their First Amendment rights to balance some of the appetite for special rights are met with frowns and, often times, unwarranted discipline from school officials.

Unfortunately, Canada lacks a deep-seated history of religious liberties and freedom of speech, which does not bode well for Christian Horizons, which can legally appeal the case in Canada. But, if ENDA [Employment Non-Discrimination Act] legislation passes in the U.S., Americans are more braced for a fight than our brothers and sisters to the north. Let’s learn early and quickly from them so we don’t have to fight that fight. Let’s send the message to our homosexual brethren that we love them too much to allow them to trample the rest of us and we pray they will turn from their sin.

UPDATE – 6:00 pm: One success in court:

A US federal court has granted permission for a teenager to wear a t-shirt with the slogan “Be Happy, Not Gay” during a Christian day of action held in response to a gay rights protest.

A high school in Neuqua Valley, Illinois, had banned student Alexander Neuxoll from wearing the t-shirt in class for a Christian group’s “Day of Truth” opposing homosexuality.

The school, while stressing its neutrality, barred Mr Neuxoll from wearing a t-shirt saying “Be Happy, Not Gay” on the grounds that it was insulting.

What’s insulting is homosexual activists who chant tolerance until someone speaks out that doesn’t agree with them. Not everyone sings the same tune. And on the other side of the same token, speaking out against homosexuality, a biblical sin, does not constitute hate or bigotry. It’s simply calling sin what it is: sin. The choice to turn from it is up to each individual. While many Christians may have not represented Christ in the best way on this issue, that does not mean they were wrong. They simply delivered the message a bit harshly.




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