School Choice Making a Comeback

6 05 2008

Filed under: Education, School-choice, Conservatism, Politics, Liberalism

Public schools are failing. And liberals always have the same answer: throw more money at it. Essentially, grow the government and keep control out of the citizens’ hands. But this year, a record 44 states have introduced school-choice legislation. And many are doing so to help low-income families get their children out of failing schools.

Lawmakers are using tax credits and other incentives to help low-income families get their children out of failing schools. Georgia started with a special-needs scholarship bill last year and expanded on the concept this year.

“The Georgia Legislature approved a $15 million corporate tax credit bill this year,” said John Schilling, chief of staff of the Alliance for School Choice. “We are hopeful the governor will sign that bill.”

The bill would provide a tax credit for families and companies that give to private school-choice programs.

Candi Cushman, education analyst for Focus on the Family Action, said Louisiana is getting in on the action.

“Because of Hurricane Katrina, New Orleans has had to build its education system from scratch,” she said. “This has opened up huge opportunities for school choice in that state.”

And don’t forget Louisiana’s new conservative governor, Bobby Jindal, a hot topic currently whom many would like to see as McCain’s VP. Though highly unlikely for 2008, look for him to surface in the near future. For the time being, he is excited about fixing Louisiana.




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