University of Toledo Fires Employee for Disagreeing

14 05 2008

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Remember the moonbat wacko president of University of Toledo that disciplined human resources employee, Crystal Dixon, by placing her on paid leave for writing a dissenting column in the Toledo Free Press? Well, they fired her, after justifying it with a demotion and pay cut?

“She has been fired,” said Brian Rooney, spokesman for the Thomas More Law Center, an Ann Arbor, Mich.-based legal-defense group which is representing Dixon.

Rooney told Cybercast News Service that the university had offered Dixon “another position, in a different part of the university, not in human resources” because she had argued in her editorial that sexual orientation is not an immutable characteristic like race or sex and should not be afforded the same protection under civil rights laws.

“She was speaking as a private citizen when she wrote her column and, clearly, our Constitution protects speech, and there shouldn’t be a consequence to that free speech as far as discriminating against somebody based on their speech and the content of that speech,” Rooney told Cybercast News Service on Monday.

Matt Barber, policy director for cultural issues at Concerned Women for America, said the action apparently taken by the University of Toledo was “an egregious violation.”

“I think the University of Toledo has really betrayed their anti-Christian bigotry and intolerance,” Barber told Cybercast News Service . “Just because many Christians have a viewpoint that is unpopular in leftist circles, does not mean those leftists have a right to violate the law and discriminate against Christians.”

Anything short of employment continuance is outright assault on Dixon’s First Amendment rights.

A gay blogger who is somehow holy enough to ascend above the bible and see the gaps in pro-family beliefs (and has written a book about it) fails miserably in an attempt to slice Dixon’s arguments, stretching technicalities too far:

I have read the claim on several sites that Dixon indicated that she was speaking for herself and did not involve the University.

This is may not be true. Nowhere in her column did Dixon indicate that she was solely giving her opinion. She even indentifies herself as an employee of the university.

as Dixon herself phrased it in the column — “as a Black woman who happens to be an alumnus of the University of Toledo’s Graduate School, an employee and a business owner.”

Actually, it just says “employee.” It says nothing about being employed by the University of Toledo. Strike one. He gets two more:

I myself have been very disturbed by yet another example of an African-American self-righteous wannabe attacking the lgbt community.

That’s just pathetic. Strike two for whining. Homosexuals are the ones trying to equate their “struggles” to those of black Americans who fought for and gained their freedom through the civil rights movement, the aid of the Republican Party and at the expense of many lives. Homosexuals might be legally inconvenienced, but they aren’t martyrs. Gotta give him one more shot:

Matt Barber from Concerned Women for America weighs in the situation with his usual brand of hysteria:

Don’t let this egregious and discriminatory action by the University of Toledo be ignored. Please contact University of Toledo President Lloyd Jacobs and respectfully request that he immediately reinstate Crystal Dixon and issue a public apology to her, the African-American community and to Christians worldwide.

Apologize to Christians worldwide? Apparently Barber takes too much on himself. I am sure that many Christians worldwide do not agree with Dixon’s statements.

Why not? Strike three. Every time a homosexual is criticized publicly, a demand goes out to apologize to all glbt’s. Though the thought that not all glbt don’t always agree on everything probably never crossed this guy’s mind. It’s this type of one-way, intolerant pot-banging that earns many homosexual activists a bad name in religious circles. It’s hard for homosexuals to see the love that Christians are showing when every reaction is packed with such belligerence. Especially when many glbt justify their sin and claim to be Christians themselves.




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