Don’t Debate…Fabricate

15 05 2008

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I received this news release from Yes2Marriage, a division of Florida Family Action, concerning Amendment 2, the Florida Marriage Protection Amendment. An anti-family group, Red and Blue, has sent deceptive letters containing false and misleading information to what appears to be hundreds of thousands of voters who signed the petitions. The release is lengthy, but demands attention because it shows, yet again, the intolerance of the left who refuses to debate the issue in a civil way. Instead, they fabricate lies and spread deception. Read the whole thing and donate a buck if you can.

The first of these letters, which began to be received by voters on Monday, May 12, further emphasizes the group’s strategy to attack Amendment 2 by trying to trick Floridians and misguide voters instead of debate the policy issue of whether homosexual marriages are good for Florida.

First, their direct mail piece states “people collecting petitions are not always honest about the issues they are pushing-especially if they are being paid by the signature.” This is a deliberate and verifiably false statement. At no time during the collection of marriage petitions were paid petition gathers used. 100% of the petitions were collected by volunteer citizens in communities throughout Florida.

Second, their “hit” mail piece further states that voters were “misinformed” when they signed the petition. That is an insult to the intelligence of the more than 650,000 Florida voters who signed the petition knowing full well the importance of marriage to children, families and the common good of society. Florida wants the people and not judges deciding this issue. Activist judges gave Massachusetts the first homosexual marriages– and judges just this past year in Iowa, Maryland, and California have tried to do the same.

Adding to the deliberate misrepresentations, the letter goes on to state that the Amendment will take away rights from “millions of Floridians.” Yet, the Florida Supreme Court approved the language of the amendment in 2006 and stated in their opinion: “the voter is merely being asked to vote on the singular subject of whether the concept of marriage and the rights and obligations traditionally embodied therein should be limited to the union of one man and one woman.” (Advisory Opinion, Page 3). The fact is that every legal authority in Florida holds that Amendment 2 does one thing and one thing alone. It defines marriage as the union of a man and a woman, and it does not affect existing rights in anyway.

One needs only look at the signer of the letter to see that homosexual activists are behind the so called “Florida Red and Blue” group. The letter is signed by Dwain Wall, a board member of Florida Red and Blue. Mr. Wall is also the managing partner of Bridge Lifestyle Communities in Palm Beach, an exclusively gay and lesbian residential community.

The leaders of Florida Red and Blue would do a huge service to the people of Florida if they simply came clean and discussed the real issue addressed by the amendment – protecting marriage between a man and a woman. The fact is that they can not debate the public policy merits of same-sex marriage, because they are afraid they will lose like they have in the 27 other states which have also protected marriage in their state constitutions by overwhelming majorities.

For more information about the facts on Amendment 2, please visit

TAKE ACTION: Make an online donation now to help us protect marriage and fight this deception in Florida by clicking HERE. Thanks for caring enough to get involved.

A lie, an insult, and another lie. Red and Blue can see the inevitable writing on the wall. The same writing that appeared for the 27 states before them. And so it will be in Florida.




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