It’s a theory but we don’t want any new ideas

12 06 2008

Americans United for Elimination of Church and Religion Separation of Church and State joins a long list of liberal, humanist, and atheist groups and individuals that are so deceived evolution is the only explanation for how life developed from non-life, that they are ferociously opposed to any other competing ideas. The Louisiana House of Representatives passed the “Science Education Act” (SB 733) yesterday by a 94-3 vote. It will allow public school teachers to use supplemental materials when discussing evolution. The bill was sponsored by a, shhhh…whisper now, a Democrat, Ben Nevers:

Nevers, D-Bogalusa, denied any ulterior motive and noted language in the bill stating it “shall not be construed to promote any religious doctrine.”

“I plainly state in this bill that no religion will be taught,” Nevers said.

That’s not good enough for some. According to AU’s news release, they are fearful those extra materials might be anti-evolution.

Americans United and other groups contend that those “supplemental materials” are likely to be anti-evolution books, DVDs and other items produced by fundamentalist Christian ministries. The measure is being pushed by the Louisiana Family Forum, the Discovery Institute and other Religious Right forces.

“It’s time for Louisiana to step into the 21st century and stop trying to teach religion in public schools,” said the Rev. Barry W. Lynn, executive director of Americans United. “Laws like this are an embarrassment.”

If this wasn’t such a shame, it would be the laugh of the week. AU has good reason to have its knickers in a twist – evolutionists have had a monopoly in the science classroom for 40+ years with a dismal success rate:


Oct 2005
God created humans in present form
Humans evolved, God guided the process
Humans evolved, God did not guide process

AU has a history of being against other ideas conflicting with evolution. Barry Lynn whined when Florida put the words, “scientific theory” in front of the word, “evolution,” in the state’s curriculum listing. Does he know something we don’t know? Is evolution fact now?

His rant is substantially flawed in his claim that religion in schools is a violation of the First Amendment. In fact, religion in schools was encouraged by the Founders:

Judicial precedent substantiates the reasoning that religion and government go hand-in-hand. In Vidal v. Girard’s Executors (1844), though many legal controversies marked this case, on the issue of Christian teachings in this government-run school, all parties had agreed: the plaintiff’s lawyers said education without Christianity was “repugnant;” the city’s lawyers declared it “obnoxious”; and the Supreme Court said that it could not be permitted—moral principles in schools must be taught from the Bible.

Read the rest of the above-linked post for Founders’ quotes on religion in schools.

In summery, here is a perfect recipe for anger: a sputtering success ratio, no judicial precedent (breathingist judges in the last 50 years notwithstanding), and no atheistic Founders. Mix that up and you get a hornets nest (how’s that for evolutionary application) of evolutionists that must have exclusivity in the classroom like fish need water. They know that competition would only cause their already bleak numbers to decrease more.

What I find most deplorable is the claim made by this crowd of hypocrites that they are the most intelligent, advanced, enlightened, and tolerant. Yet, when a competing idea, especially one supported by the majority of Americans, tries to play in a polite way, they respond with unwarranted insults and take their bucket and shovel and go play in another part of the sandbox. A sobering reminder of that childhood bully that had such a low level of self-confidence, his only outlet to glorify himself was to put others down, even when he knew he was wrong.




One response

13 06 2008
Mr. Incredible

==Barry Lynn whined when Florida put the words, “scientific theory” in front of the word, “evolution,” in the state’s curriculum listing. Does he know something we don’t know? Is evolution fact now?==

In order for it to be fact, it would have had to be observed and tested and all that. However, nobody was there to observe it, the living from the non-living, higher forms from lower, and certainly not from what they say is the first organism. It’s all speculation, and, from that speculation, they have faith — imagine that! — that it’s true.

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