“Obamacans” Blasted

23 06 2008

Last week, I wrote about several formerly conservative black leaders that were considering voting for Obama simply because his skin color presented a historic moment. Those “Obamacans,” Republican fans of Obama, were blasted by at least two other black, conservative leaders, whom I applaud for being able to see past their race and understand that voting in America is about the character and values of a candidate, not skin color. 

Two black conservatives — one a pastor, the other a leader of an urban ministry — say they can’t understand why a number of black Republicans have publicly said they are considering voting for Barack Obama this election.

Ken Hutcherson, an African-American pastor in suburban Seattle, says black conservatives who are supporting Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama must remember what they have been saying about race for decades. Hutcherson says he understands being proud of a black man, but he notes that for years black conservative leaders have screamed that it is not about color — it is about the content and character of one’s heart. “… And some of these same guys seem to be forgetting that that’s what we’re supposed to be doing now,” says Hutcherson.

Jesse Lee Peterson, founder and president of the Brotherhood Organization of a New Destiny in Los Angeles, concurs. He says he doesn’t care about being part of an historic moment. “There’s no way that I can vote for Barack Obama simply because of a historic moment and he is a black man. That doesn’t make sense to me,” he says. “We should judge people based on character and not color or historic moment.”

Both Hutcherson and Peterson echo my notion that these black “Republicans” are not true conservatives, nor are they defenders of any Republican value. They are RINO’s. And unfortunately, RINO’s act more like liberals in the Republican party than conservative Democrats act like conservatives in the Democrat party. For example, pro-lifer, Bob Casey, who defeated Rick Santorum in Pennsylvania’s hotly contested Senate seat in 2006, ran on a pro-life platform jerking the rug out from underneath Santorum’s entire campaign strategy. He then, no doubt with Nancy Pelosi’s gun in his back, endorsed Barack Obama during Pennsylvania’s Democrat primary. Now, why else would a pro-life senator endorse the most liberal presidential nominee in American history? 

Conservatism takes effort. Liberalism is the default thought pattern we’ll assume if we don’t stop and actually think about what is occurring. Humanism (of which liberalism is a pillar), teaches that man is inherently good. It says that evil is not natural to man, but that evil exists in the world as a result of “cultural influences.” No liberal can explain then, how evil infiltrates a culture, since cultures are made up of people and people are all good. 

This explains how RINO’s effect conservatism in a negative way and conservative Democrats are ineffective influencing liberals. If more Americans don’t come out of the trance that Obama, The Pied Piper, has them under, he will play his flute all the way to the White House. By then, it will be too late and the “Change We Can Believe In” will not the be change we all had in mind. And an “I told you so,” won’t pacify the conservatives who were trying to sound the alarm. 




One response

23 06 2008
Mr. Incredible

==…several formerly conservative black leaders that were considering voting for Obama simply because his skin color presented a historic moment.==

Isn’t THAT the racist thing to do?

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