Fallout of Dobson Remarks

25 06 2008

Liberals still have their undies in a wad since yesterday…they couldn’t have slept well like that. Yesterday, Dr. James Dobson accurately noted on his radio broadcast that Barack Obama has been distorting the bible in an effort to steal a few evangelical votes away from John McCain. Obama’s response? A dagger:

“I think you’ll see that he was just making stuff up, maybe for his own purposes.”

Wow, Barack, don’t overwhelm us with any biblical justification as to why you claim to be a Christian while voting for child-killing. Oh wait, there isn’t any. It’s called political expediency. You say you are a Christian in an effort to bring more evangelicals to your side. But you don’t vote like one, otherwise you’d lose the support of your party. But really, don’t hold back, just a one-liner, that’s great. 

Obama supporters also responded to Dobson.

The Rev. Kirbyjon Caldwell, a Methodist pastor from Texas and longtime supporter of President Bush who has endorsed Obama, said Tuesday he belongs to a group of religious leaders who, working independently of Obama’s campaign, launched a Web site to counter Dobson at JamesDobsonDoesntSpeakForMe. The site highlights statements from Obama and Dobson and asks visitors to compare them.

Caldwell said he has great respect for Dobson’s advocacy for families, but said the criticism of Obama was “a bit over the top” and “crossed the line.”

What Caldwell means is that Dobson’s remarks did not fall in line with his humanist-diluted worldview. Obama’s belief is that Leviticus cannot be used to call homosexuality a sin because the same book includes a passage calling the consumption of shellfish a sin. With the exception of a new, baby Christian, any believer of just one year of faith understands that the ceremonial dietary laws were clearly and emphatically overturned under the New Covenant, whereas the commands against homosexual behavior (and other sexual sins) were not.

Now, if James Dobson used his radio broadcast to call Obama’s salvation into question, that would have been over the top and out of line. But he did not. And neither do I. But what I do dispute is Obama’s claim that his worldview is biblical. If it was, he would not allow himself to support liberal social policies. In the mind of a Christian, social issues take priority over economic and defense. Obama may be a born-again Christian (that is between him and God), but his support for liberal social policies disqualifies him from receiving the vote of any Christian. Any Christian who can justify the vote for someone as socially liberal as Obama has either been deceived into believing the remaining issues are more important than life, or worse and far more likely, they believe Obama’s lie that his interpretation of the bible is godly. 




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25 06 2008

Again, you’re right back to the same failed logic. Do you take the story of Peter’s vision and Jesus’ remarks literally or not? That’s the whole point!
BTW, I see you know Ravi Zacharias. I liked him a great deal, and learned a lot from him!

25 06 2008

>>Barack Obama has been distorting the Bible in an effort to steal a few evangelical votes away from John McCain.

Anyone still thinking any of the candidates are godly Christians to start of with are still in error too. Most of the politicians for sure are not.

Many people do have a different, distorted concept of what it means to be a Christian.. never mind an evangelical one..

Maybe Obama does not still know what a real Christian is like is the main issue more likely too… not whether one is an evangelical Christians. For I know many evangelicals who certainly are not real Christians rightfully in my books.

and anyway using the word evangelical itself even turns many US voters off too.. too many so called evangelicals wrongfully tend to think that any of the others cannot be Christians.

25 06 2008
Truth and Reason

Kurt, I’m not understanding how it’s failed logic. It’s either biblical or it’s not. There is no logic to it. And you use the past tense when referring to Ravi. Did you leave the faith?

Nonconformer, you are right that no candidate is ever perfect for the Republican party. The idea is to have enough social, defense, and economic draw to pull voters from all three to your candidacy. This time around, we didn’t have that. But Christians are stuck with the Republican party if we hope to have any political voice. No Republican has ever won the WH without the religious right vote. It makes up over 30% of the base. On the flip side, the radical leftists make up less than 5% of the Democrats base, yet the entire party bows to their every demand and even joins them when they see an wedge issue they can defeat Republicans (ie: global warming).

25 06 2008

You’re citing the passage to assert that eating shellfish is okay, because the N.T. overturned certain laws. Other people use the exact same passage to assert that the N.T. overturned ALL the laws of the old dispensation. It’s entirely a matter of interpretation. That’s my point. That’s Barack’s point. That’s the point of a heck of a lot of other folks who sincerely consider themselves every bit as Christian as you do.
I had the good fortune of being at Toccoa, GA. while Ravi was there. He had a brilliant mind, and I never met anyone who, as I just said, was so sincere in his beliefs. I happened to outgrow that worldview.

26 06 2008
Truth and Reason

Other people use the exact same passage to assert that the N.T. overturned ALL the laws of the old dispensation. It’s entirely a matter of interpretation.

It’s actually not a matter of interpretation at all. It’s only open for interpretation if you’re either too lazy to study the scriptures or just being intellectually dishonest by dismissing the passages that don’t cater to a liberal worldview. It’s pretty easy to ascertain from the two scripture links I provided that some levitical practices were no longer required by God, while other commandments regarding sexual immorality remained in place.

I’m glad you had the opportunity to study under Ravi. I’ve done book reviews for his last two books. Outgrowing that worldview? Hmm, let’s see…Ravi was raised Hindu, dabbled in Buddism, Islam, atheism, and even tried to take his own life, before the Lord saved him. Friend, there is no outgrowing this worldview. There is only under-growing. I pray for your return.

26 06 2008

No Republican has ever won the WH without the religious right vote.

No doubt in the US, but also in Canada the religious right are a very significant group,

even in the US democratic party too as Mrs Clinton found out, where less than percent evangelical supposedly would support her.

I am glad that the religious right are more active in politics

Actually it is the effective prayer of the religious right that is the most effective..

After all it was the religious right that brought the new Conservatives under Stephen Harper Prime Minister into power as well.

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