Left Wing Lie Du Jour

30 06 2008

Are the media elites holding open tryouts in the blogosphere? Sure seems that way. If not, someone should tell Think Progress. They have a post titled McCain: I ‘Don’t See How It Matters’ That I Don’t Know The Price Of Gas. It cites a HuffPo post that looks pretty bad…at first. 

Patterico, though, looks at the actual exchange and notes quite a discrepancy:

WICKSOL: When was the last time you pumped your own gas and how much did it cost?

MCCAIN: Oh, I don’t remember. Now there’s Secret Service protection. But I’ve done it for many, many years. I don’t recall and frankly, I don’t see how it matters.

Later in the interview, McCain says:

I’ve been on the campaign trail for so long I don’t remember when I last filled up my own gas tank, but I certainly did for many, many, many years and I understand the difficulties and challenges that it poses for the people of California and my home state of Arizona.

Think Progess cites this as evidence of “McCain’s cluelessness about gas prices.”

But McCain isn’t saying he doesn’t know the price of gas. He is saying that he doesn’t remember the last time he pumped his own gas, and how much it cost then.

So, does John McCain know the cost of a gallon of gas in America? Yes, he does. Here’s a news story from June 18:

“The price of a gallon of gas in America stands at more than four dollars. Yesterday, a barrel of oil cost about 134 dollarsm” said McCain.

Again, that McCain quote is from June 18 — six days before the O.C. Register interview that Think Progress uses to claim McCain doesn’t know the price of gas.

This Think Progress post is a lie. At best, the story is that McCain doesn’t remember the last time he pumped his own gas. Even that is a non-story, since nobody pumps their own gas while on the campaign trail. Someone ask Obama when he last pumped his own gas.

Another liberal blog, Comments from Left Field, jumped on the lie and is still trying to smear McCain as “irritated,” even after Think Progress was exposed:

The high price of gas is extremely important to ordinary people who aren’t multimillionaires running for president with a Secret Service detail to take care of all the mundane details. Which means that McCain is being dismissive about an issue that affects the daily lives of millions of Americans. It should not be “irritating” to answer such a question.

And MyDD, usually a pretty good lefty blog, only altered the title of his post, but it’s still off target:

McCain Didn’t Know the Price of Gas, Doesn’t Think It Matters

Why can’t liberals just admit their mistake? Because liberals thrive on emotional reaction that is not based on facts. Liberals prefer to create a commotion hoping Americans won’t notice the truth. If they create enough of them, at a rapid pace, Americans can’t keep up and they’ll be suckered into believing nothing more than rhetoric. Efforts to slap labels of “Out of Touch” or “Elitist” on John McCain in this case is no exception. Even when the truth is is spelled out, liberals know they must keep their turmoil running. This one has simply run out of gas 😉 




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