Video: What Will Nozzle Rage do to You?

10 07 2008

Spread the word and visit NozzleRage to join the effort.

Every American is getting hosed. Each time we fill up our cars, we are putting money into the hands of OPEC – the oil cartel led by Saudi Arabia.

The Saudis and the other countries that make up that monopoly control most of the world’s reserves. Most of them pay just a couple of bucks per barrel to get oil out of the ground.

Yet, OPEC is limiting production and encouraging speculation that is costing us and other consumers hundreds of billions of dollars every year. It amounts to the largest artificially engineered transfer of wealth in history. OPEC is waging economic warfare, and it is bleeding our country dry.

Worse still, some of the oil money the Saudis, Iranians, Venezuelans and other OPEC members get from us is being used to support terrorism. We are literally paying people to try to kill us.

This is clearly a ridiculous – and unsustainable – situation. If not corrected, we are going to bleed out as we underwrite our destruction.

Enter NozzleRage. NozzleRage is a video campaign designed, through viral YouTube and Internet distribution, to make clear what is happening to this country and its drivers. Its goal is to channel the fury most Americans feel into effective action.

The first of a series of 30-second NozzleRage videos features an OPEC gas pump ripping off and then attacking an ordinary American consumer. Conceived, directed and produced by the fabled Hollywood team of David and Jerry Zucker, it directs viewers to the website where they can register to view upcoming videos and find out what they can do to end our suicidal vulnerability to OPEC’s oil cartel.

You gotta love liberals’ argument that drilling in ANWR and off our coasts won’t make a difference in our prices because much of that oil will go on the world market. While it isn’t necessary that this happen, nor is it a requirement, even if it did, we wouldn’t give it away. We would receive what is known as money for our goods which would then allow the oil companies to lower the price of the fuel they sell at the pump, regardless of where it came from.

Oil companies are aware of the amount of fuel Americans use. If we are producing fuel from oil in our country, we can make enough fuel available to Americans reversing the current ratio of 70/30 (imported/domestic). If the ratio is for example, 70/30 (domestic/imported), oil companies can apply the profits from the 30% export to American prices at the pump, muck like middle eastern countries do in their homelands. 

T. Boone Pickens breaks down our current situation:

Visit the PickensPlan website for more on his plan.

Others: Michelle Malkin.




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