Kids Can Pick Murder, but not Religion

31 07 2008

Americans United for Destruction of Religion Separation of Church and State believes students aren’t wise enough to decide for themselves on religion. But, somehow, kids are extraordinarily mature enough to choose to murder an unborn baby, recognize evolution is the only logical explanation for science, and be tolerant of homosexuality when they struggle with their own heterosexual hormones. AU sent an email today encouraging their members to direct questions to members of Congress while they are on August recess and in their home towns. One of those questions was particularly hypocritical, as I just pointed out:

Question: Do you believe that the public schools should be leading prayers and worship for students or should that task be left to the students’ parents?

It’s obvious that the Founders preferred Christianity over other religions and desired that it be taught and encouraged in schools and by the government. But the Founders also recognized other religions and tolerated their existence in a perfect blend of satisfaction for Christians and other beliefs. At least there weren’t efforts to silence or separate other beliefs from the majority like AU and other liberals attempt to do today. 

AU also claims prayer in school has been outlawed. But a cursory look at 150 years of judicial precedent shows this outlawing is actually unconstitutional. Like I’ve said before, liberalism is based in emotion, not fact and this question exposes that pretty well.




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31 07 2008
Kids Can Pick Murder, but not Religion : Stop The ACLU

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