Tripping Their Own Booby Traps

4 08 2008

By nominating a black candidate for president, the Democrats thought they’d have the best of both worlds: charisma coupled with an easy, built-in booby trap for Republicans: the race card. Well, it’s simply not working. And with time running out, liberals have resorted to setting off their own booby traps and trying to blame Republicans. Bob Herbert was the most recent man-at-arms sent forth to have a go at putting the race card in the Republican camp.

Gee, I wonder why, if you have a black man running for high public office — say, Barack Obama or Harold Ford — the opposition feels compelled to run low-life political ads featuring tacky, sexually provocative white women who have no connection whatsoever to the black male candidates.

For a man of Mr. Herbert’s qualifications, I’d have to chalk this up to either intellectual dishonesty or a temper tantrum trying to distract from the truth: Harold Ford was seen hangin’ with “tacky, sexually provocative white women” at a Playboy Superbowl Party. 

The party Congressman Ford attended was the Playboy Super Bowl Party in Jacksonville.”  That is, it was a Playboy party, reportedly with Playmates and lingerie, just not at the Playboy mansion, which is in California.

Fine, simple enough. It’s not the mansion, but a Playboy party nonetheless. It’s equally simple to understand the link between Britney Spears, Paris Hilton, and Barack Obama: None have accomplished anything noteworthy in their careers and all three are soaring to popularity heights due to superficial deception. Spears and Hilton – sex. Obama – change. Maybe Obama could get one of the girls to be his VP. Put their two shallow credo’s together and that makes for one powerful “change” we can believe in! Sorry, couldn’t resist. More from Herbert:

RACE CARD! RACE CARD! The McCain camp started bellowing, and it hasn’t stopped since. With great glee bursting through their feigned outrage, the campaign’s operatives and the candidate himself accused Senator Obama of introducing race into the campaign — playing the race card, as they put it, from the very bottom of the deck.

And they’d be correct. Actually Hillary dragged race into the campaign when she realized she wasn’t the shoo-in nominee. But Herbert, of course, ignores that as well. McCain has never brought up race. But Obama did, three times in one day, in fact.  Herbert only offers this in a frustrated attempt to communicate subliminally to Obama to please stop – this is not helping, you are only tripping our own booby traps:

Whatever you think about Barack Obama, he does not want the race issue to be front and center in this campaign. Every day that the campaign is about race is a good day for John McCain. 

At least the NY Times Blog included McCain’s quotes:

“I did not bring up the issue,’’ he repeated. “Senator Obama did, three times in one day. And his campaign later retracted it.”

“So I think it’s pretty obvious that at least they acknowledged that. So he brought up the issue of race, I responded to it. Because I’m disappointed, and I don’t want that issue to be part of this campaign. And since his campaign retracted it, I’m ready to move on. And I think we should move on.’’

The truth is, conservatives have been largely displeased with McCain’s lack of criticism of Obama. From abortion and energy to the War on Terror and taxes, Obama has exposed his far leftist position on numerous occasions only to hear but crickets from the McCain campaign. And when conservative bloggers and radio hosts try to help our own cause, McCain scolds us instead. 

If Herbert thinks this is “outrage,” “bellowing,” and “non-stop,” he’s either never seen a presidential race or, more likely, he’s just whining because his candidate is tripping their own booby traps. 

This is nothing more than another tactic by the left to make the playing field uneven. Conservatives have been criticized for discussing Obama’s friends’ statements, his wife’s statements, his lack of qualifications. Every time conservatives attempt to create leverage, the rug is jerked out from underneath them. Are liberals so accustomed to helping blacks succeed with affirmative action that even a presidential nominee cannot get elected without a playing field tipped heavily in his favor? Apparently so.




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