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18 08 2008

Most Americans want change from the next president. But change is pretty much a given no matter who is elected. The entire mantra of change being trumpeted by Barack Obama implies one of two things: Bush is running again in 2008 or McCain will be Bush 3.0, neither of which is true. It’s not wrong for Americans to desire change from their next president. We just need to understand what we’re getting. And with McCain we have a very good idea. But with Obama, we have no idea, with the exception of how his views on life will translate into politics. Last Saturday, Barack Obama and John McCain visited with evangelical Christian, Rick Warren, pastor of the mega-church Saddleback Church in California and their answers on life spoke volumes on how they will legislate life.

Senator Obama (D-Illinois) told Pastor Rick Warren he was not sure when an unborn baby should be considered a human life worth protecting. “I think that whether you’re looking at it from a theological perspective or a scientific perspective, answering that question with specificity is above my pay grade,” said Obama.

It’s obvious anything above the pay grade of President of the United States of America can only mean God, whom Obama believes in. How puzzling that he doesn’t just listen to what He has to say about it then. I wonder where Obama does say life begins. If not conception, and obviously not birth, any murder of a person of any age could then be classed as a “botched abortion.” Fortunately, moral trends in America appear to be swinging back in favor of life as seen in cases of murder of a pregnant mother being sentenced for taking two lives. More:

Obama contends he believes in Roe v. Wade not because he is pro-abortion, but because women do not make decisions about abortion “casually.” He also suggested Americans can find common ground on ways to prevent “unwanted pregnancies.”

No amount of planning an abortion morally justifies it. Obama continues to paint himself into moral corners as he attempts to appeal to voters right of center. Obama’s views bring to mind a warning from author, Henri Nouwen’s book, In the Name of Jesus: “What makes the temptation of power so semmingly irresistable?  Maybe it is that power offers an easy substitute for the hard task of love. It seems easier to be God than to love God, easier to control people than to love people, easier to own life than to love life.” This describes Obama’s campaign perfectly. He believes it’s not up to him to legislate when life begins, but each individual can. And he believes it’s up to government (led by a Christian president) to give everything to the poor at the expense of others as opposed to the biblical teaching of individual believers to each do their part to help the poor. 

Senator John McCain (R-Arizona) on the other hand, strongly declared that he believes a baby is entitled to human rights at the moment of conception. “I have a twenty-five year pro-life record in the Congress, in the Senate and as president of the United States, I will be a pro-life president and this presidency will have pro-life policies,” he stated. “That’s my commitment.”

Much better. No matter how appealing Obama’s “change” might appear to Christians, there is simply no justification for voting for him. Life is the most important issue, and the easiest to define. Any candidate failing this elementary check point, is not fit to be president of a country whose Declaration of Independence declares life first among its unalienable rights provided by God. Especially when that candidate doesn’t care what God says about life.




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18 08 2008
Mr. Incredible

“Uh, answering that question with, uh, uh, specificity is, uh, uh, above my pay grade.” — The One, without benefit of TelePrompTer.

Jefferson knew. He knew that Human Rights begins when we are created, that the Right to life begins when we are created, and that is at conception. That’s what he said in the Declaration of Independence.

So, if Jefferson knew, and he told us, why doesn’t Obama, the One, know? He can’t read? Maybe he disagrees.

However, he said recently that a father’s responsibility doesn’t end at conception.

That means that he feels responsibility begins at conception. Is that all? If the father’s responsibility begins at conception, doesn’t life also??? After all, responsibility for what, if not life?

Obama’s non-answer to a critical question is the kinda answer one who agrees with abortion, who doesn’t wanna answer the question cuz he wants us to keep guessing so he can go on being non-committal and appear to be committed. In other words, he wants to deceive.

18 08 2008
Mr. Incredible

==Senator John McCain (R-Arizona) on the other hand, strongly declared that he believes a baby is entitled to human rights at the moment of conception. ==

Yes, he agrees with Jefferson who said that it is a self-evident truth. It is self-evident to us, too. This “self-evident” kinda fades out when a Lib comes into the picture.

For a clear explanation of God’s position on abortion, watch this week’s John Hagee sermon.

26 08 2008

Can we agree that Jesus transcends our man-made political categories?

26 08 2008
Mr. Incredible

==Can we agree that Jesus transcends our man-made political categories?==

How ’bout some specifics.

26 08 2008
Mr. Incredible

“Transcends” in what way? Cuz, if we follow Him, good things will follow, even in politics.

26 08 2008
Mr. Incredible

Good things don’t follow what we do, then follow Jesus. That’s not gonna work, even though, to the world, it oughta work and it tries like Hell to make it work.

26 08 2008
Mr. Incredible

In other words, you don’t promote and do so-called “same-sex ‘marriage,'” then try to custom-fit God into what you want. You, first, seek Him [Matthew 6:33]and find out what He wants, and He has already squelched the idea of homosexuality, and nothing anybody can do can make Him say otherwise.

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