What Happens When Christians Create a Theological Smorgasbord

19 08 2008

I’ve heard the notion by the Christian left that Jesus was a “liberal.” But He wasn’t liberal to the degree that He would support abortion, as Barack Obama supporter, Dr. Marc Lamont Hill, purports.

From last Wednesday’s The O’Reilly Factor (8/13/08):

O’REILLY: … Barack Obama has been the most progressive voice in the country, more than Barbara Boxer, more than Nancy Pelosi, in supporting abortion on demand, whether it’s in the third trimester, whether it’s partial-birth abortion. No matter what it is, he says, “Yes.” So – How do you reconcile finding Jesus with the being the most pro-abortion politician in the country? Don’t you want to know that?

HILL: I think he’s made that very clear. In fact, he’s probably been most clear on that point. There are different schools of theological understanding, many of which believe that the Bible is not something that should be read fundamentally, but —

O’REILLY: The question is simple. (crosstalk) Would Jesus be as progressive on abortion – does he believe Jesus would, based upon his knowledge of theology – as he [Obama] is?

HILL: Absolutely. I think, absolutely.

O’REILLY: You believe Jesus would say, “Partial-birth abortion: No problem”?

HILL: I think Jesus would be even more radical than all the candidates who are —

O’REILLY (incredulous): On this issue?

HILL: On this issue and on all these other issues. I think a fundamentalist understanding of the pro-life/pro-choice debate is misguided and misses the point. And I think Barack Obama understands this kind of thing — (inaudible) close to the center —

O’REILLY (incredulous): That would be a stunning dissertation if the Senator would give it. And I would absolutely want to hear it.

HILL: And I think he would. I think he will!

Jesus was liberal only in the sense that He gave freely of what He possessed. Translation: He gave salvation to anyone willing to accept Him as their personal savior. But He certainly didn’t use government to dole out government programs stealing from some to give to others. And He definitely would not have supported abortion of any type. Best of all, Hill offers no biblical ideas to support his ridiculous assertion. 

This is the result of a worldview held by Obama, Hill and other leftists that tweaks biblical ideals to meet a political agenda. Just pick and choose the convictions that fit your lifestyle. As we saw in last weekend’s visit with Rick Warren, Obama has no idea when life even begins…it’s “above his pay grade.” Actually, it’s well within his pay grade. Because he’s the one putting it there. Life is actullay something outside the realm of all our pay grades. Any justification for the purposeful taking of innocent life is playing God, something we should all tread lightly upon.  Sadly, Barack Obama and his supporters see life as a political issue that politicians can legislate their version of liberalism upon while simultaneously claiming Jesus’ liberalism is synonymous with their own. They couldn’t be any more wrong on such an elementary issue.




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19 08 2008
Mr. Incredible

To be Liberal is to self-describe as being “tolerant.”

Jesus was not tolerant. He was intolerant, and that is not bad. He said that He is the ONLY Way to the Father, and that few will find the gate to Salvation cuz it is so narrow, not broad.

He said that He came to give life, and more abundantly, and to take away the power of death.

Abortion takes life without the process that is due, per the Constitution. Abortion restores the power of death, denying the power of Jesus.

They will say that we can’t kill something that isn’t alive; but why, for example, does an partial birth abortionist have to stick a scissors into the base of the child’s skull before he removes the child? Could it be that he knows the child is alive and that removing the child without poking the child with the scissors, he would deliver a live child, hmmmm? So, he knows the child is alive. He kills.

Deuteronomy 30

Proverbs 6
God hates abortion cuz God hates the shedding of innocent blood. There is no more innocent blood than that of the unborn in what is supposed to be the safest place for him in the world.

5th and 14th Amendments
Abortion denies the life of the child, precluding — even if we accept the notion that life begins at birth — the child’s potential life. That’s denial. Precluding life.

Leviticus 17
The life of the flesh is in the blood. Even in the chromosome that produces blood. So, where there’s blood, there’s life.
Exodus 21
The unborn child, alive. You take the life of the unborn child, your life is forfeit.
Genesis 4
Innocent blood cries out to God to avenge the taking of innocent blood.
[Matthew 27
Judas betrayed innocent blood.]

Isaiah 49
God saw each of us in the womb.
Jeremiah 1
God knew each of us in the womb.
Genesis 25
God oversees development. He knows the unborn child, his future, his character and his temperament.

Luke 1
The as-yet-unborn John leaped in the womb, responding to the presence of the Lord.

God intends us to produce future generations through Godly children. Abortion steals those generations. 99% of all abortions are for convenience, selfishness and greed.

Why are Christians silent as dumb dogs [Isaiah 56]? They are afraid to offend the world. They want the world to love them, and, so, they try to balance the love of Christ with the love for them of the world. One foot in; one foot out. Lukewarm. Trying to make peace with sin. They are doomed with the unrighteous.

19 08 2008
Mr. Incredible

A tolerant, Lib Jesus would say something like this:

“Goeth into all the world and teacheth men to liveth as they wish, urging each to pursue and findeth his own path to God.

“Letteth not any one of you maketh another to feel inferior, nor victiminized, because of their beliefs. Above all, I saith unto you, be tolerant, even of those who choose not to follow Me.

“Verily, verily, I saith unto you that what you believe and how you live do not matter, as long as you are pure of heart in your own judgment and might and in your pursuits.

“I am a way to God, a truth and just one possible life, and, if you are a good person, you walk that way, that truth, that life, for that is all it takes, and, if you choose not to come to the Father through Me, rather through some other, simply being a good person will enter you into the Kingdom of Heaven regardless of the way you choose.

“Now, goeth forth into all the world to liveth according to the strength and ways of your own conscience, dreams, wishes and vision.”

And, so…

(Mat 11:3) And [two of John’s disciples] said unto him, Art thou he that should come, or do we look for another?

It look as though this generation doesn’t know either.

19 08 2008
Mr. Incredible

Obamarama said that the father’s responsibility doesn’t stop at conception.

Then, he says that the matter is above his pay grade, trying to be clever with cliche.

So, which is it? Is it above his pay grade, or not???

If it’s above his pay grade, how can he say that the father’s responsibility doesn’t stop at conception???

19 08 2008
Truth and Reason

You’re right, Jesus would not be considered tolerant at all by today’s standards. Any man who is so non-inclusive to say, “…no one comes to the Father except through me.” could never be tolerant of anything except a biblical worldview.

20 08 2008
Mr. Incredible

==Any man who is so non-inclusive to say, “…no one comes to the Father except through me.” could never be tolerant of anything except a biblical worldview.==

“Non-inclusive” of who??? Those who reject Him? Those who reject Him aren’t included???? Well, THAT’s the deal. It ain’t, “Let’s Make a Deal.”

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