Foolish Liberals … Calling Palin Inexperienced

1 09 2008

Great post by Kevin McCullough shredding the “inexperience” argument, if you can call it that, from liberals.

Only a fool would question Sarah Palin’s experience as a basis for her readiness to be Vice-President, especially as compared to Barack Obama’s experience as a basis for his readiness to be President.

Never has such a scurrilous set of accusations been less founded. Those who argue them, such as the Obama campaign, because they know the truth to be irrefutable end up rendering themselves silly. The truth is that Sarah Palin is more qualified to be President than Biden or Obama. But let’s examine the facts for what they tell us.

What kind of Chief Executive experience does Barack Obama have? Not counting his not-for-profit work alongside convicted terrorist William Ayers – none! Yes it is true that when working with the Annenberg Challenge in Chicago that he and Ayers were co-heads of the project. So that’s the full extent of his executive experience. A few paltry months, in the non-profit world, working with the convicted terrorist he once claimed he barely even knew. (Darn those University of Chicago papers…)

So what about Palin? Well… She has administrated a household, the PTA, the City Council, and got so good at it others encouraged her to run a city, and then a state. That’s more executive experience than Obama, Hillary, and Biden combined. In doing so she had to deal with issues that dealt with the security, welfare, and economic impact of those under her administration. She’s commanded the Alaskan National Guard. She has had to deal with international issues relating to the stewardship of territory with two nations that bordered her state – Canada and Russia. She had to tell Congress “thanks but not thanks” on federal monies that she felt would hurt the average American tax-payer even though it could have meant long term revenue for her state (bridge to nowhere.) She bopped the oil companies on the nose. And when she felt they were soaking the American gasoline consumer – and her oil rich state reaped the windfall – she returned those monies to the people of Alaska in the form of an individual tax-refund of $1200 per person this summer. She hammered her fellow state republicans when they behaved poorly (i.e. U.S. Senator Ted Stevens). And she could only have done any of it – because of her willingness to take on the corrupt old school, good-old-boy partisans in her state that worked against her.

What did Obama do that came close to any of this? The Chicago Democratic machine is as crooked a group as can be found and Obama’s not only never opposed them. He’s spooned with them (ahem, politically speaking.) He’s never had to deal with foreign powers because he’s never had to make a decision that put people who depended upon him in the path of a decision with a foreign power. It was like pulling wisdom teeth on the guy just to get him to go put on a flak jacket and visit the troops, much less think of commanding them. When you consider that Obama has voted to increase taxes more than eighty times, you recognize that he would not have the good sense to return the people’s money to the people who earned. (And he says he’s for the working man…)

It’s been nothing but hot air from Obama up until now anyway. Should we have expected anything different here?




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1 09 2008

If Obama continues to attack Palin as inexperienced….he is putting himself in a trap…he hinself is not experienced, how can he attack a VP candidate for lacking experience, when he, a Presidential candidate, lacks it.

1 09 2008

I’m very exciited, and couldn’t be happier that McCain chose her!

1 09 2008
Mr. Incredible

The lovely Mrs. Palin has more claim to leadership and experience than does Obamarama, a one-third term, U.S. senator who toed the big-city-political-machine line.

Overly-cerebral, political calculating pols spend capital to make their resumes look better. Palin spent hers at every opportunity to make the system better.

2 09 2008

I have no concerns with Palin’s or Obama’s political “experience.” Obama has built his entire campaign on the fact that he is not a Washington insider. I don’t want another career politican as president. I am more interested in leadership.

2 09 2008
Mr. Incredible

==I have no concerns with Palin’s or Obama’s political “experience.”==

Sooooo, you’re of the thinking that one’s ability to think and decide doesn’t rest on experience. If you were a chief pilot of an airline, you wouldn’t be particularly concerned abouit a pilot candidate’s flight experience. We see.

== Obama has built his entire campaign on the fact that he is not a Washington insider.==

Why did he pick Biden, then? Biden is the picture of “Washington insider.” Obama wanted “insider” on his team.

== I don’t want another career politican as president.==

If Obama drops dead, that’s exactly what you’ll get.

== I am more interested in leadership.==

Are people born with leadership skills, or does experience factor in there somewheres?

Soooo, what is Obama’s experience in leadership? Leadership in and of what? What achievements of Obama’s leads you to believe that he has the experience — given that you say you believe experience isn’t a concern — to lead from The White House? Community work? Voting “present” over 140 times? What?

2 09 2008
Truth and Reason

Pete, I haven’t heard Obama promote himself as a Washington outsider. His campaign theme is change. But the change is all promises without a track record to prove he can enact any type of change. McCain works more the other side of the aisle than he does his own party. Neither really excite me.

Obama’s leadership is not influence. It’s his skin color. Let’s just be honest. The only reason he’s the nominee is because he’s black. And the fact that he can talk the talk really helps. He’s charming and and has charisma, but if he were white, Hillary would have won. Democrats were scared to not give him the nomination because of the racial backlash that would have ensued. I don’t know why they were scared. Democrats have taken away much more than that from blacks over the last 50 years. They could have nominated Hillary and blacks still would have voted Democrat. Why? They (most) don’t care which party freed them and gave them rights. They (most) only care which party promises the most goodies. And they can’t resist the opportunity to vote for a man with no executive experience, a paltry 141 working days in the Senate, the most liberal senator, and a candidate who thinks babies are punishment. How is that leadership? The only leading he’s doing is with a flute.

3 09 2008
Mr. Incredible

==The airline pilot is a terrible example. ==

You think so cuz it is so relevant.

==Have you ever checked the credentials of your pilot on your last flight?==

Irrelevant. FAA does that in my name.

== And, no one is asking Obama to fly a plane…they are asking him to LEAD.==

It takes leadership to fly an airplane.

==I am very impressed with Obama’s leadership record.==

What is that record?

== You do not get the opportunity to be the Democratic Nominee without the respect of your peers…==

No doubt that he has the “respect” — if you wanna call it that — of Democrats. That’s expected.

==… and your ability to influence.==

Well, he got Rezko to help him get that house.

== According to John Maxwell, that is leadership…INFLUENCE.==

So, Sarah Palin is greater than Obama and Biden cuz she has been square in the position of influence as an executive. Neither Obama, nor Biden, have executive experience.

==Obama’s choice of VP was as politically motivated as McCain’s.==

So, you understand that this is all regarding politics. Amazing grasp of the obvious.

==And, finaaly, Yes…some people are natural born leaders…==

Point us to the gene[s], or hormones.

==…others have to develop it.==

How do they develop it? Through experience. What executive experience — the ultimate leadership role — do Obama and Biden have that Palin doesn’t?

== Both of these candidates seem to exhibit both of those qualities.==

One more than the other. That’s the McCain tix.

4 09 2008
Mr. Incredible

==…you’re not worth debating with. There are too many fallacies in your logic.==

Translation: “I can’t come up with anything to make you bow to me, and, so, I’ll blame you so I can appear to be blameless.”

4 09 2008
Mr. Incredible

==There are too many fallacies in your logic.==

Translation: “You don’t agree with me, and, so, YOU are illogical.”

4 09 2008

spelling: Dichotomistic…typing while watching study hall and teaching america’s youth the way things ought to be! (I wonder if you’ll pick up on that reference!)

5 09 2008
Mr. Incredible

You said that you aren’t concerned about experience. So, then, you wouldn’t be concerned about the experience of the pilot flying your airplane.

==By your own admission you don’t have to check your pilot’s credentials because the airline does that for you.==

Didn’t say that.

== That is the purpose of the DNC…to determine a candidate who is qualified to serve. ==

The People determine that, not DNC. DNC ALLEGES that the candidate is qualified, and it pushes the candidate on the street.

==…I cannot fathom how someone can deny his set of leadership skills. ==

Of course you can’t. You won’t.

==A man (especially a black man)…==

Gotta play tat race card all the time, huh.

==… cannot rise to the position he has without leadership. ==

Oh, puh-leeeeeze. That’s exactly what DNC is trying to do.

==I can observe that some people are natural born leaders, I don’t need gene testing for that.==

Observation doesn’t tell you that they are born with leadership skills any more than you can observe that a newborn “IS” homosexual.

Skill is learned, not inate.

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