Whose to Blame for the Fannie-Freddie Mess?

23 09 2008

H/t: Stop the ACLU

The short answer: Democrats.

Hot Air:

Fox deserves a little publicity for being willing to challenge the narrative. Especially now that we’re about to be told it’s McCain’s campaign manager and his lobbyist pals, not the Democrats they lobbied who actually cast the votes, who are the real culprits in all this.

The good news is that the FBI is launching an investigation into both Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac for fraud. Better late than never.

The FBI is investigating four major U.S. financial institutions whose collapse helped trigger a $700 billion bailout plan by the Bush administration.

Two law enforcement officials said the FBI is looking at potential fraud by mortgage finance giants Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, Lehman Brothers Holdings Inc., and insurer American International Group Inc.

A senior law enforcement official says the inquiries, still in preliminary stages, will focus on the financial institutions and the individuals that ran them.

Officials say the new inquiries brings the number of corporate lenders under investigation over the last year to 26.

Also see: Michelle Malkin.




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24 09 2008
Let my markets gooooooo. | Think Forward

[…] Another attempt to explain. Democrats put CRA back into the picture McCain’s attempt to fix in 2005 blocked. As usual, Ace is the place. Are we going to see the results of an FBI investigation? […]

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