Forget Gaffes, Flat-out Lies

3 10 2008

Biden’s 16 lies:

BIDEN LIE #1: Bipartisanship

BIDEN LIE #2: Deregulation

BIDEN LIE #3: Obama-Biden Will Raise Taxes

BIDEN LIE #4: Biden’s “Wrong” Health Care Attacks

BIDEN LIE #5: Barack Obama Voted For the 2005 Energy Bill

BIDEN LIE #6: When Obama was “Silent,” John McCain was Warning About Freddie and Fannie

BIDEN LIE #7: Joe Biden Voted Against the Energy Bill in 2005

BIDEN LIE #8: Barack Obama Loves John McCain’s Climate Change Plan

DEBATE FACT 2: Biden Was Not Taken Out of Context

BIDEN LIE #9: No Coal Plants Not Out of Context

BIDEN LIE #10: Obama’s “No Way” Unconditional Timetables

BIDEN LIE #11: Even Joe Biden Says Obama Was Wrong on Troop Funding

BIDEN LIE #12: Biden Says Barack Obama is Wrong on Pakistan

BIDEN LIE #13: Barack Obama’s Unconditional Meetings

BIDEN LIE #14: What Barack Obama Middle East Policy?

BIDEN LIE #15: “Just Air-Raiding Villages and Killing Civilians”

BIDEN LIE #16: Joe Biden and Barack Obama Are at Odds in 2002

More on the lies here and here.




3 responses

3 10 2008
Lee’s Take » Joe Biden’s 14 Lies From the VP Debate

[…] From Truth & Reason… […]

3 10 2008

Great work Truth and Reason,

Let’s hope all the “sure fired” democratics and the “unsures” read this before they go to the polls.


4 10 2008
Mr. Incredible

==Let’s hope all the “sure fired” democratics and the “unsures” read this before they go to the polls.==

It’s not about reading. It’s not about examining the facts. They are infatuated, and, as you know, infatuation does not respond to such things.

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